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  • First, there is an initial consultation with our client via the internet or telephone. 


  • The order or project is discussed to gain a detailed understanding of your project. Color, size, pagination, order, text, orientation, layout, quantity, and more. Click here for our artwork guidelines.


  • The client is given an estimate of the cost/fees for the project.


  • The client agrees to the payment schedule and pricing.


  • The client makes full payment or the percentage agreed upon.


  • The Dzign Shop is then contracted for the project.


  • The client provides any and all information pertaining to digital specification and print output if The Dzign Shop is not the print provider.


  • The client receives preliminary proofs or mock-ups of the project. Contained in the proof are Font samples, layout choices, and clip art samples. The last step is color choices and effects.


  • The client makes definitive changes to the design as needed, for example, color, size, or layout. This is the only time that changes can be made without cost to the client. If changes are made after the final proof is signed fees will be added.


  • The design is then changed to client specifications.


  • The client receives the final proofs.


  • The file is then formatted for output.


  • The client makes a final payment if applicable.

Your turnaround time begins only after you have

approved the final proof copy for production.


  • The final job is completed and ready for download, production, output, and printing.


  • The Dzign Shop provides a step-by-step process indicator sent directly to the client's e-mail or interface web page.


  • Once production is completed order is drop-shipped or delivered to the client directly.


  • Note there are no refunds. We will ensure that our client is satisfied with their project. Once the final project has been completed and approved, any changes requested by the client will result in additional charges.


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