Airbrush art is the foundation and the integral fine arts tradition to our business for over 25 years. We create hand rendered art for teams, clubs, groups, organizations, and events. "You Say It We Spray It, "Portraits, wildlife, vehicles, hot lettering styles, symbols, memorials, best friends, lovers, groups, bands, name designs ...

Our Experience

Airbrush art is both the foundation and fine arts tradition of our business. For over 25 years, we've created hand rendered art for teams, clubs, groups, organizations, and events. "You Say It We Spray It, "Portraits, wildlife, vehicles, hot lettering styles, symbols, memorials, best friends, lovers, groups, bands, name designs, cartoons and more!


Put What You Want on Everything! T-shirts, Leather, Denim, Timbs, Boots, Sneakers, Handbags, Book bags, Mirrors, Murals, Backdrops, Paintings, and more!



We use Createx® paints. Hix heat presses. PaascheIwata, series airbrushes. Quick-disconnect hoses. Our stencil materials are made of high impact polystyrene and mylar.

Custom Airbrushing

Graphic Design

"Your one stop Dzign shop!"

We design ...

Your image is important to us. Enhancements for all industries and professions. Imagine having one place to service all your graphic design needs. We provide exceptional graphic design services. Our clients save money and deal with a company who can deliver the desired output they deserve. 


  • Flyers

  • Business Cards

  • Posters

  • T-shirts

  • Imprinted Fashion

  • Signs

  • Packaging

  • Vehicle Wraps

  • Displays

  • Marketing materials

  • Commercial sales sheets

  • Catalogs

  • Book and magazine layouts

  • Store displays

  • Forms

  • Charts

  • Graphs

  • Barcodes

  • Food service labels

  • Amusement park signage

  • Print conversion (from video)

  • Mailers

  • Certificates

  • Contracts

  • Fine art renderings

  • PSD, PDF, AI, Corel Files

  • Raster and unflattened images

  • Photo Backdrops

  • Presentation graphics

  • Film/video graphics

  • Websites

  • Web graphics

  • Banners

  • Logos

  • Mockups

  • Vector images

  • Postcards

  • Greeting cards

  • Print media 

  • Photographic edits

  • CD, DVD and other media layouts

  • Labels 

  • Stickers

  • Window Clings

  • Document templates

  • Interactive web files

  • "You print" output files

  • User interface graphics

  • Social media graphics

  • Maps

  • Menus

  • Envelopes

  • NCR forms

  • Illustrations

  • Cartoon images 

  • Promotional product mock-ups

  • Print ads

  • Video Game images and backgrounds


We Print!

Our print service is second to none. With the aid of the latest in technology and a very efficient print system our printed output is of the highest quality. We not only provide full graphic design services but we can also aid on the printed product side. Solutions for every budget and quantity. Printed materials like: Business cards, Banners, Signs, Brochures, Flyers and much more. We have streamlined our process to better serve our clients. You are now able to upload your file to our design staff.

You print

For the client who is on the go we design it "you print it". Have your print job output remotely at a local print shop, from the office or home printer. We don't mind at all, our goal is to make you look good.



Visit our E-Store or view our price charts for most recent pricing.




All proofs must be signed. All sizes, Grammatical, spelling, dates, color etc. Are the sole responsibility of the client. Therefore if any changes are to be made after signed proof was issued and or project completion has commenced. The client will be re-billed for additional services performed. 


Payment Options

-We accept Pay Pal ®, Credit cards (All major cards accepted) Cash Or Money Order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS! 

Client Interface

Our "client interface page" is created to streamline transactions between you the client, and the design staff. There you will be able to access your proofs, see your estimates and invoices, e-mail us, track your job, download your digital files and even submit payments. Click here see our terminology chart to see the production steps involved with your specific product or products.


Turn Around

Most orders are processed within 3 - 5 Business days for digital file work. All print work is done within 3 - 10 days. Since we offer both services we always ask our client before an order is placed," when would you like these to be received?" This allows us to give you an accurate turn around based on the information you give us. Any orders requested before the standard 5 - 10 business days will be considered a RUSH ORDER and certain additional shipping and production fees may apply. Please contact our sales department if you have any questions. 



All wholesale orders must be paid for in full before production begins. All retail orders under $50.00 must be paid in full. All orders above the minimum ($50) have a 50-75% installment fee before any work is produced. All rush orders are subject to an additional 50-100% fee.

Custom Apparel

We do it all!

Great looking garment promotion enhancements for all occasions and professions. Have your team, cause or custom design, imprinted on everything.


  • Silkscreen

  • Airbrushing 

  • Transfer Printing

  • Digital

  • Vinyl Application

  • Decorative Design


A form of printing where ink or paint is pressed through emulsified mesh onto the intended printed item. Once all are in alignment, paint or plastisol ink is used to press through the exposed area to apply it to the T-shirt. The shirt is then dried. This process is repeated for every color in the design. Silk-screening stands up to extreme wash and wear and remains vibrant for years.

Heat Graphics

Designed to be heat-applied to garments and other types of fabrics or substrates. First the design is created and converted to vector art. Then it is cut with a digital cutting device, excess vinyl removed from backing. The design is then ready to be heat pressed on your garment. There are a wide variety of materials, all can be applied to a plethora of blank garment types The "heat applied" technique has rapidly become one of the most widely used formats in the garment imprinting industry.


Info Coming Soon!


Info Coming Soon!

Glow in the dark

Images will glow bright and vividly in the dark when you use this paper and apply it to any fabric. Perfect for making spooky shirts! There are many cool crafty purposes for this paper, including sports jerseys, T-shirts, and tote bags. Make a cool concert tee for your favorite band and be seen from afar in the crowd. This glowing paper will adhere to any fabric surface.


Info Coming Soon!


Info Coming Soon!

Multi Media

Info Coming Soon!

New Silk Tranz

A full-color screen printed transfer (also known as a plastisol transfer) is an image which has been screen printed onto release paper. Instead of being directly screen printed onto a shirt or other item, the design is printed onto transfer paper, then applied with a heat press. Screen printed transfers can be single or multi-color, and heat apply in seconds to any number of items, such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jackets, tote bags and caps.

Unlike traditional screen printing, where all shirts need to be printed at the same time, transfers can be printed as products arrive or need to be processed


Info Coming Soon!


Info Coming Soon!


ReflectAll™- State-of-the-art in polyurethane reflective, cuttable materials, high reflective ability due to its patented glass bead construction. Widely used in both the construction and protective service industries.


Info Coming Soon!


Info Coming Soon!

Transfer Prints

Info Coming Soon!


Garment Info


Thousands of colors are available all of which are viewable in our catalog. See our e-store for samples of our Gildan Product line. View our color charts here.


Substrates (material types)

Cotton, Cotton Blends, Satin, Silk, Denim, Poplin, Polyester, Rayon, Light color, Pastels, Dark color, Solid color, Pattern prints, Leather and Active-wear. View our Catalog


Best quality brands

We offer Brand Names for less. Our inventory is growing daily. So check in periodically to see what is new and on sale. We carry a plethora of vibrant colors, unique styles and a variety of sizes to choose from.


The Dupont Test for Elongation & Recovery – rates the stretch and rebound properties of a material Print & Durability – AATCC Industry

Standard 100 - measures the degree of durability for adhesion to the fabric, the effect of washing & drying, and colorfastness. Heat-applied materials have successfully completed over 60 wash tests and have been proven to outlive the life of their garments. No cracking or peeling after wearing and washing.

Opacity - measures how well a material blocks fabric dyes after application


Garment Care

Top quality garments easy care instructions.


  • Always turn textile inside out before washing.

  • Recommended: Machine wash in cold water.

  • Optional: Machine wash in warm water (40°C).

  • Use mild detergent.

  • Do not use harsh or bleaching materials.

  • Recommended: Hang dry.

  • Optional: Tumble dry with cool or warm air setting.

  • Do not use fabric softeners.

  • After washing we recommend turning shirt inside out and ironing the image from the back. Low heat no steam.

  • Do not Dry Clean.

  • Wash garment inside out in warm or cool water. Do not use bleach or hot water.



Visit our E-Store or vie our price charts for most recent pricing. Please ask about wholesale pricing on orders over 100 pieces.





Promotional Items

Our Products

Marketing is essential to any business, organization or cause. Having the right products to promote with is equally as important. Luckily we have thousands to choose from.


  • Flyers

  • Posters

  • T-shirts

  • Imprinted Fashion

  • Signs

  • Tents

  • Packaging

  • Vehicle Wraps

  • Displays

  • Table Covers

  • Store displays

  • Amusement park signage

  • Presentation graphics

  • Websites

  • Web graphics

  • Banners

  • Logos

  • Mock - ups

  • Vector images

  • CD, DVD and other media layouts

  • Labels

  • Stickers

  • Window Clings

  • Menus

  • Illustrations

  • Cartoon images

  • Promotional product mock-ups

  • Print  Ads

  • Digital Ads

1000's of customizable items



Ordering Procedure

  •  First, there is an initial consultation with our client via internet or telephone.          


  • The order or project is discussed to gain a detailed understanding of your project. Color, size, pagination, order, text, orientation, layout, quantity and more.


  • The client is given an estimate of the cost/fees for the project.


  • Client agrees to payment schedule and pricing.


  • The client makes full payment or percentage agreed upon.


  • The Dzign Shop is then contracted for the project.


  • The client provides any and all information pertaining to digital specification and print output if The Dzign Shop is not the print provider.


  • The client receives preliminary proofs or mock-ups of the project. Contained in the proof are: Font samples, layout choices and clip art samples. The last step color choices and effects.


  • The client makes definitive changes to design as needed, example: color, size or layout. This is the only time that changes can be made without cost to the client. If changes are made after final proof is signed fees will be added.


  • The design is then changed to client specifications.


  • The client receives the final proofs.


  • The file is then formatted for output.


  • The client makes a final payment if applicable.


  • The final job is completed and ready for download, production, output and or printing.


  • The Dzign Shop provides a step by step process indicator sent directly to the client's e-mail or interface web page.


  • Once production is completed order is drop shipped or delivered to the client directly.


  • Note there are no refunds. We will ensure that our client is satisfied with their project. Once the final project has been completed and approved, any changes requested by the client will result in additional charges.



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